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James W. Smith

The Leading Civil & Criminal Attorney In Athens, GA


Athens, GA Attorneys

James w. Smith is Athens, GA's Leader In Civil & Criminal Matters!

For over 35 years  our firm has been serving the citizens of Georgia and other states with the highest quality legal services in both civil and criminal matters. Our practice includes both criminal and civil litigation in State and Federal courts as well as practice before the State Board of Workers Compensation, the Social Security Administration, and the Federal Bankruptcy Courts.

Athens, GA Criminal Defense Attorneys

An Arrest Does Not Have To Become A Conviction

Our busy criminal law practice ranges from felonies, including high-profile drug cases and complex white-collar crime, to DUIs, under-age possession, and related appeals. Our reputation for excellence in the criminal arena is unparalleled in North Georgia.

Serving Athens, GA for over 3 Decades

The Law Office of James W. Smith provides civil litigation and criminal defense services in Athens, GA and surrounding areas.

We Are Ready To Defend Your Case

We defend clients from all walks of life & work to Give each of them a second chance.

Our firm has represented lawyers, teachers, engineers, business owners, lawn care workers, students, doctors, pharmacists and members of the military. We have given second chances, and sometimes third or fourth chances, to many of our clients. We do not judge our clients, we defend them.

Criminal in handcuffs

Criminal Defense

Have You Been Charged with a Crime In Athens, GA?

If you have been charged with a crime in Athens, GA, the Law Office of James W. Smith will work to get you a fair case and protect your freedom.

We are here to help you WIN! If you have a criminal Case in or near Athens, GA, the Law Office of James W. Smith  may be able to:

Judge gavel with Justice lawyers, Lawyer or Judge counselor working with agreement contract in Courtroom, Justice and Law concept.

Civil Litigation

James W. Smith will help you protect your Civil Rights in Athens, GA

The Law Office of James W. Smith has over 35 years of unmatched experience in litigating civil matters.

Our attorneys pride themselves on their reputation of fighting for your rights; and, we do so every day Our civil litigation services include. 

Above & Beyond The Average

Working With James W. Smith has more than a few benefits.

Here are just a few amazing reasons to choose Our Law Office:

Experience that matters

Let James W. Smith put the law on your side.

Our civil practice ranges from wrongful death suits to personal injuries and auto accidents. In 1995 our office was awarded a $3.6 million trial verdict, which was the largest jury verdict in Athens to be upheld on Appeal. We continue to maintain a vigorous civil practice.
We continue to handle wills, estates, probate and other matters you would expect from a general practice firm.

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Ready for a free consultation? Contact our firm, and we will help get you started.

Almost all legal matters are time sensitive, and they are not to be taken lightly. While it is helpful to read the information you’ll find here, and elsewhere on the internet, there is no substitution to speaking with a professional attorney about the specifics of your case.

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The Goolsby Law Firm is a family of lawyers, a father and three sons, serving Augusta, GA and surrounding areas.

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